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Reisenthel: Market oriented Material Planning with TIA A3®
Best possible goods availability for furniture and home accessories at kika / Leiner -
MPD helps to ensure and develop the market leading position concerning goods availabilitiy and service.
Optimum deliverability for Germany's largest baby online shop -

Performance in Perfection: Unlimited Number of Items, Sites and variable Item Lists

Wide assortments or multi-level item lists often make item suitable ordering difficult. MPD can help with that: Each SKU is individually monitored, seasonal changes included. Campaigns are taken into account and automatically disposed - whether your portfolio consists of 500 or 5.000 items. Responsible employees monitor and control dispositions via early warning system and can focus on outliers, assortment strategies or suppliers: Classic disposition turns into modern inventory management.

Central, regional, service or branch warehouse: The more complex your subsidiary network, the bigger the potential for optimization. MPD automates branch supply, predicts and analyzes each item-warehouse-combination. It manages millions of calculations simultaneously, even within simple server-environments.

Of course priority is given to economic efficiency at all times: Considering batches, sales units, container capacity, supplier contracts as well as overall agreements, minimum order quantity, and increases in price and economic order quantity is calculated. 


Mass data management for an unlimited number of SKUs and warehouse locations
Processing of n-level item lists, cutting patterns, etc.
Multi dimensional and self learning demand prognoses
Planning of new and expiring products
Methods for sporadically sold and slow-moving items
Mapping of import-purchasing
Highly sophisticated supplier management
Inventory controlling with one mouse click: Alert when the stock is too high or the risk of stock-out situation comes up

Adaptability in perfection: modern software has to be flexibly adjusted to the individual customers' needs and not the other way around - MPD provides the required flexibility. Convince yourself and get more information about our inventory analysis